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Why should you choose us? We are trusted to provide the top MacBook repair

We have solutions that are long-lasting.

There are a lot of instances that the repaired MacBook is not working for a few hours after the warranty expires. We stand behind our work and offer you a lifetime warranty on any repair work we’ve done (except batteries that come with a one-year guarantee). Don’t worry about warranty expirations. We will do our best to ensure that you don’t have to worry over your MacBook.

We make use of genuine spare parts from top Suppliers

If you bring in your device in for repair, we will use original spare parts to ensure the highest quality repair completed to your MacBook. This is why we provide Lifetime Warranty for every repair service we offer. What you receive is always authentic products.


Same-Day Repair

We know how hard it can be to go with the use of your MacBook in even one few hours. We offer repairs on the same day. You can bring an laptop with you to the service centre or phone us to collect it from your house or workplace if you live near. We’ll do our best to resolve your issues in the very next day.

Best of Technicians

We understand your worries about high-quality repairs. So we have gathered the most skilled team. Macbook Repair Experts has the most skilled technicians who have Level 4 expertise. Make sure of the fact that all your Apple items are good with us. Each member of our team has many years of experience and the latest tools and technologies. We make sure that our clients leave with a smile.

Free Diagnosis


If you’d like to receive a an immediate diagnosis, visit the MacBook repair center or contact our number at (9888545174). We at our League of Techies will be glad to assist you to determine the issue in your MacBook.

There’s no need to fret about the replacement of your components


It’s an everyday occurrence. You can send your MacBook for repair of the motherboard, and in most cases, the genuine components get replaced. If your laptop won’t switch on, you might be unable to know what’s happening within the device. Here at Macbook Repair Experts We strongly believe in keeping our own components and not taking part into unethical business methods. If you are able to be confident in any Apple Service Center, then you can trust us.

Common problems we can fix


Are you experiencing issues with your MacBook showing display-related issues? Our expert technicians will fix the MacBook display with the most advanced tools and original Apple parts, ensuring you will have your screen back in pristine condition within a matter of hours.


Are you worried that your MacBook getting old by the time you remove your charger? If so, contact us or bring in the MacBook or laptop and the League of Techies will efficiently replace the MacBook batteries with brand new one in a matter of minutes.

Track pad

Is your track pad no longer clicking or not functioning properly or just not responding? It could be due to an issue with the hardware. In Our MacBook repair centre, you are able to bring back the damaged track pad in a short time. The most knowledgeable and trustworthy MacBook repair technicians who are able to repair the damaged part quickly and efficiently.


Touch Bar

The MacBook’s touch bar gives specific shortcuts for apps which make it simple to carry out the tasks you want to do. It can be a bit frustrating when it stops responding and becomes stuck or starts acting out in a strange manner. The MacBook repair technicians are skilled and have the tools to efficiently complete repair of the touch bar in one day.


The keyboard on a MacBook cannot function for a variety of reasons. It could be that it is not working when you splashed water on it or because of the software, USB/Bluetooth, or other problems. In Our MacBook repair facility We repair any type of keyboard problem.

No Boot

What do you do if the deadline for your project is approaching and your MacBook isn’t turning on? Or, you could chew your nails or contact us. In our service centre for MacBook our highly skilled and effective repair technicians will be able to quickly identify the problem, correct the issue, and , if necessary you want to install Mac OS. Mac operating system.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will my MacBook repair will take?

We provide a 24 hour priority service for the majority of the hardware replacements including screen replacement and battery. It involves a series of thorough tests to make sure all is in good operating condition prior to getting back your MacBook back. If there are motherboard-related problems, we can fix most of the issues within 24 to 73 days. We know how frustrating to be without your MacBook is and we try our best to return it to you as fast as we can.

Do I have to make a payment online prior to sending my MacBook to repair?

We will only charge you after you have received the repaired MacBook. We accept payment in cash, or by cards UPI, Wallet, online or via bank transfer.


My MacBook is now slow after updating to the most recent version Macos. Could you please help?

Sure, we could. The most recent version of MacOS generally needs additional hardware resources that can make your MacBook to become slow. It is possible to check the possibility of a standard service to solve the problem, but a upgrading your hardware is always a good alternative to make it run more efficiently and extend the lifespan of your device.


My MacBook is taking a very long time to start. Is it possible to change the format of my HDD in to an SSD?

There are various versions of MacBook come with various types of SSD that work with them. We will help you choose the appropriate SSD that is compatible to your MacBook and then replace the HDD with the appropriate SSD.

How can I increase the RAM on my MacBook?

Certain MacBook models come with On-Board RAM which is not upgraded. However, if you are able to provide us with the MacBook Model Number, we can determine if your Model is compatible with RAM upgrade. If it does, then we’ll complete the upgrade for you in only an hour.

I have lines appearing on my MacBook Display. Is it possible to repair them?

The lines on the display are result of an LCD issues that are not repaired and requires the replacement of the entire panel. Contact us at 9888545174 for assistance and we’ll be more than happy to assist you in this process.


Do you provide any kind of guarantee on MacBook repairs?

For every MacBook repair, you will receive lifetime warranty for all components, with the exception of the battery which is covered by a an assurance for one year. This is due to the fact that it is an consumable part and will degrade with the passage of time and use.


Do you need my password to MacBook repair?

We suggest that, prior to giving over your MacBook to someone else, you take the backup, and if you are able you should enable the Guest user feature so we can log in on the Guest user account to perform an entire test of functionality to ensure proper test and quality assurance, we need control of the laptop.

MacBook Repair Services


Are you an MacBook user ? If so, it’s highly likely that if your device experiences a malfunction and you’ll be in the middle of the road, and you will need to make an important choice. “Where do I go for my MacBook Pro or MacBook Air repair?” It is important to know that you shouldn’t put your trust in one of the repair shops that have sprung up throughout the city. Your MacBook deserves the highest quality repair service. Macbook Repair Experts offers you this service. We at our MacBook repair facility is dedicated to providing the most secure and most trustworthy Apple repairs for your device. If we take care of your MacBook you won’t need to be concerned about shoddy repairs.


The most reliable MacBook service center

We have MacBook repair specialists are equipped with the latest capabilities and the most up-to-date diagnostic tools. They can quickly identify the issue and inform you of the reason the device isn’t working correctly. Our diagnostic service is absolutely cost-free. Our technicians will inform you the procedure they’ll take to fix the issue and the amount you need to pay for the repair. There aren’t any charges for repairs that aren’t disclosed in the event that you choose to have your device repaired at the MacBook repair center.


Macbook Repair Experts has the modern, cutting-edge MacBook repair tools available in its arsenal. Our skilled repair technicians utilize tools to repair all kinds of issues, from the simplest to the most difficult issues that negatively affected the performance of your device. They will always repair your device correctly because they have been trained and skilled and they only utilize authentic Apple parts. We are aware that a non-genuine component could further harm your MacBook as well, which is why there’s no chance of us fixing it using non-original parts.


MacBook Repair at the tap of an icon


No matter if you’re searching to find MacBook Air screen replacement, or MacBook Air Display replacement, MacBook Pro screen replacement or MacBook Pro Speak replacement, we can help you with all of them. In the MacBook repair facility, we repair any type of MacBook issues, including display batteries, keyboards touchpad, touchpad, and touch bar. We also can revive the MacBook which isn’t working. While we repair your MacBook we will take into consideration the highest Apple standards and the value you attach to the value of your Apple machine.


If you’re unable to take your laptop in to the MacBook repair facility, we’ll collect it from the location you prefer. After the issue is resolved and is returned to us, we’ll drop it off at the same place. We also provide the same-day MacBook repair services for all problems.


We don’t believe that we should make our customers wait, therefore we offer a speedy turnaround time. Our highly trained technicians are able to repair your MacBook within the same day the MacBook is received. We do not charge extra to provide this assistance. Contact us right now if have problems on your MacBook. We guarantee to take care of your MacBook with the utmost professionality and attention to detail.


The Best Rated Apple Service Centre in India!


MacBook Repair Experts

We provide the top as well as the most economical MacBook repair service. We only use approved Apple spare parts, and will ensure that your MacBook is like new! Get in touch with our team to assist you with Macbook Repair.

MacBook Pro / Air Repair Services Store

Don’t delay to have your MacBook repaired! If you’re experiencing issues or issues with your MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air contact us for assistance. the information as soon as possible!

Mac Experts is here to assist when things go wrong on you Apple Laptop. With our knowledgeable team of specialists, technicians and customer service representatives, MacBook services have never been more efficient, speedier or more thorough. This is a small sample of what we’re able to do for you:

We repair damaged hinges for your screen, before they cause permanent harm to the screen.

We can repair or replace your damaged screen, regardless of whether it’s an LCD or LED, or even a Retina display.

We can repair or replace damaged keyboards, so that you back to typing.

We can repair a damaged or malfunctioning track pad that is damaged or inoperative.

We can repair your MacBook after damage from liquids and replace damaged parts caused by moisture.

We can fix a damaged MacBook adapter and charger to ensure that it is fully charged throughout the day.

We can assist you with data recovery as well as logic board repair, assuring the hard disk runs always and efficiently functioning.

We are able to replace worn or damaged fans to ensure that the laptop’s components are cool and operating properly.


Whatever the reason or severity of your MacBook emergency We’ve got your back. Laptop not turning on? Contact us. Are your pages or programs loading slow? We’re here for you. We’re not just able to ensure the best quality repair and service, we also guarantee to try fixing the MacBook’s components prior to replacing the components.


We’re committed to providing exceptional service. In-warranty MacBooks don’t pose a problem for us. Our main goal is your satisfaction which is the reason we’re the most reliable MacBook Repair Company. Before you give your money to a higher-priced and less efficient company we invite you to give us a call and let us be the best we can at.


MacBook Experts will be able to help you with your queries and help you get your MacBook in running condition!

What are the issues with MacBook’s we must solve?

Being the best MacBook repair service with the authorization with decades of knowledge and experience Our trained professionals are suited for MacBook service. Apple is a well-known and well-known brand has a large fan base. But sometimes, many reasons, Apple can cause issues that you have to deal with over time. The list of issues we tackle include:


Replacing the cracked screen

Replacement of batteries

Track pad damage repair

Change of motherboard

Controlling the keyboard issue

Change of hardware

Resolving the issues related to power both off and on

Overheating problems

System failure

Screen crash

Liquid damage

Display Connector problems

The right person will be found at the right time when you inquire about our services. For more information it is possible to inquire for our complete coverage of repair and service.


We are the reason that availing our service is significant?

We value your time and need for speed and consequently, we offer outstanding MacBook service. With our technicians who have a keen understanding and experience with MacBook We let you be assured about the repair.

Affordable Costing: When you fix your laptop on time, you’ll be sure that you will be charged the right amount. There are a lot of websites that charge a hefty sum however with us, you are properly and efficiently. To make payment processing easy, we accept all forms of credit and debit cards.

Customer Satisfaction: Get the assistance of the best tech who has experience and expertise in Apple MacBook repair. We believe that delivering technological advancement and customer satisfaction through continuous perfection and excellence in our services is our primary objective.

Diverse Functionality: Providing a various services from the correction of liquid damages to repairs to keyboards and battery replacements, as well as physical damages, we provide a variety of repair services for hardware. As a trusted, authentic and efficient, we can provide affordable solutions to the harm to your MacBook.

dedicated service: We offer the only option to repair of Apple MacBook We have dedicated our service exclusively to MacBook and we have a specially trained technicians to provide repair service. We will also inform you of loss of data, if there is one, and offer backup.

Guarantee and Guarantee with the possibility of genuine replacement components or parts that are guaranteed to be replaced, your MacBook is safe in the hands of a professional. There are times when you need repair or replacement for the item. However, sometimes a minor adjustment in settings and usage will solve your problems. So, we guarantee an entire repair and replacement service.

With quick turnaround times and skilled technicians, we can identify repair issues at no charge. Additionally by ensuring openness and focusing on the needs of the client We provide a believable service. 

MAC Services

 We also offer Mac services

 What are the charges for inspections?

We do not charge fees for examination and diagnosis. It’s completely cost-free.

 Do you have a warranty post repair?


The duration of the warranty is three months. The warranty for parts can vary from between 0 and 6 months.

  How long do you have to fix your MacBook?

 We are regarded as the fastest and most reliable company to MacBook Repair in Delhi. We resolve 95% of cases within a couple of hours. In some cases that are more complex, we might ask for additional time.

  how do you repair an Mac that has water damage?


We have a wealth of experience in the repair of damage caused by spills of liquid on MacBook’s. Our effectiveness is greater than 95% in these cases.


Do you have the ability to fix my MacBook at home?

 In some models, charger or battery related issues are resolved on the spot. For issues such as keyboard repair, logic board repair or Screen replacement, etc. are repairable in our service center only.


Are you approved by Apple to repair?

We aren’t. Apple does not endorse any third-party service provider.